Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fat Albert Watch: Day 5 or 6

Our Hero is still sidelined
Because we started this, now we have to finish it.

There isn't much to report on the Fat Albert Watch. His knee is apparently holding him back from taking the dreaded "Conditioning Test" for yet another day.

Jason Reid has our morning updated from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

Reid says that he doesn't anticipate Albert doing the test for a few days while his knee heals. For that we are kind of bummed.

As for the Redskins, they might be getting concerned that not only is their $100 million dollar man behaving like a high maintenance, whiny bitch, but that if he develops a perpetual knee problem, they'll have a hard time getting rid of him. the meantime, the Fat Albert Watch will go on hold for a couple of days until we see...or read when our hero gets back in action and completes this apparently highly difficult task.

Just to change things up...enjoy our hero's adventures in the Fat Albert Halloween special. Oooohhh...scary boys and girls. Thanks YouTube:

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