Sunday, August 8, 2010

GBL Manager Loses Job Over Gay Slur

((HT: CTV Edmonton/Edmonton Sun-Hanon))

The manager of the Golden Baseball League's Edmonton Capitals was released Saturday after allegedly hurling homophobic slurs against an umpire in the Caps-Orange County Flyers game on July 31st.

The team sent out a release saying Brent Bowers had been suspended for the remainder of the season and fined $5,000. It's believed Bowers then submitted his resignation.

Gordon Gerlach, director of Baseball operations and hitting coach, will step in as field manager for the rest of the season.

Back on Friday, Andrew Hanon of the Edmonton Sun, filed a piece on how we got to that point in the first place.

From Hanon:

According to (umpire Billy) Van Raaphorst’s official ejection report, obtained by the Sun, Bowers screamed profanities at him, made sexually explicit comments and at one point bent over and grabbed his own ankles.

Van Raaphorst, who is openly gay, claims Bowers yelled, “You know what I heard? I heard you are a faggot. The rumour from several managers and people at the league is that you are a fag.”

He says Bowers threatened him, screaming, “I ought to kick your ass, you faggot.”

Nice mouth...

When the umpires found out Bowers was only suspended for two games, they almost had a walk-out of their own in protest. The league talked the umps out of it, but they still couldn't address the idea in public.

Now, they won't even have to do that...

Derek van Diest of the Sun says the Caps had no choice...

Just so you know who we're talking about, here's video of a fight between the Caps and the Victoria Seals from last GBL season...
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