Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ilitch looking to take over Detroit Sports

Illitch's//Courtesy: littlecaesar's.com
Kind of like the way Ted Leonsis has 2 of Washington D.C's 4 sports teams, Mike Ilitch wants to do something similar in Detroit.

Ilitch already owns the Tigers and the Red Wings, both pretty successful teams and we guess profitable teams. He now wants to step up and purchase the for sale Detroit Pistons.

As usual the Detroit Free-Press has a lot to say about this. More from columnist Mitch Albom RIGHT HERE
Vince Ellis has a good summary of what would happen RIGHT HERE

Illitch's logic is good. He wants the team to package with the Red Wings and put in a new arena closer to town. That, theoretically will be a profitable move on the pizza king's part.

It's an interesting theory and might not be such a bad thing for Detroit or its sports franchises. The other part of this probably will require a new arena to be built in downtown Detroit, which, while on the surface would be a good thing, is also something a crumbling city with major unemployment and financial problems probably can't afford.

Well, since WXYZ's TV Story isn't there even though the site claims it is, we'll move on to our friends at ClickOnDetroit.com. However their video is not embeddable, so if you want to see the TV version of this story, then just click RIGHT HERE

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