Thursday, August 12, 2010

Isiah Thomas forced to end NBA/NCAA quest

Isiah Thomas/File
Sorry, this is still funny to a lot of us. Isiah Thomas' quest to become the 1st person to coach an NCAA Basketball team and be an NBA Team Consultant at the same over.

Sure, we know it violated the NBA's bylaws and could potentially violate all kinds of tampering rules on three different levels, but the Knicks would have known that before they made it public...wouldn't they?

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Nobody yet understands Knicks owner/saboteur James Dolan's reason for constantly pursuing Thomas to work for him. The 5-plus year tailspin they've been on started under Thomas' watch and is something they've yet to be able to dig out from.

Don't be surprised if the Thomas/Dolan marriage is consummated again in the very near future. We suspect that once this years NCAA season is over at Florida International, Thomas will probably resign to take a job with the Knicks. We could be wrong about that, but we don't think so.

In the meantime, enjoy the talented Ryan Parker singing about Mr. Thomas. Thanks and YouTube:

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