Monday, November 15, 2010

Colin Cowherd gets sitcom deal, rest of the world wonders "Why"?

Colin Cowherd/Courtesy:
Somehow, someway, ESPN Blowhard/radio talk show host Colin Cowherd is going to get a show based on his life put on TV.

Apparently, trying to prove that they'll try anything, CBS has decided to pick up a script that would, well, we aren't sure what it would do.

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We aren't sure how this happened quite honestly. Cowherd is pretty much loathed in the Sports community, but we are pretty sure he tries to not be liked. And that probably is why he has an audience.

Having met and interviewed him, we can vouch for his oddness, though he is not stupid and like we said, we're pretty sure that he acts like an ass on the radio intentionally.

We might also add that the TV Show he does on ESPN 2 "SportsNation" is one of the worst shows on a Network known for throw away TV shows. The only redeeming virtue of that show is his co-host, Michelle Beadle.

Thankfully, Cowherd will only be a producer on the new CBS show, he, we hope won't be on it. But we are trying to think how they will find a somewhat skinny, aloof with the audience, obnoxious guy to take on the starring role. But then again, in Hollywood, that probably won't be hard to do.

Check out this actually pretty amusing video of Beadle making Cowherd her punching bag..Thanks SportsNationESPN:

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