Monday, November 1, 2010

Cowboys looking for answers to questions that nobody knows....

Cowboys fans//courtesy: sharon ellman/ap
This is why you have to take the football expert predictions with a grain of salt. To listen to most of the "NFL Pundits", guys who make a living predicting the NFL, you'd have thought it was pre-ordained that the Dallas Cowboys would be playing in there own Jerry World this year for the Super Bowl.

But, that's why nobody has ever won a title on paper.

The Cowboys are now 1-6 after losing 35-17 to Jacksonville on Sunday and the head scratching and looking for blame has officially gone over the top.

So much so that owner Jerry Jones has apologized to his fans.

Read that story from the Dallas Morning News RIGHT HERE

The local media...they are calling for Coach Wade Phillips' head. Phillips, a likable sort, who has coached for short periods of time for several teams, doesn't appear to be the guy to fix it. For his part, Jones says that Phillips is safe....for now. has the list of people calling for Phillips's head RIGHT HERE

Here is the Jerry Jones post-game interview. Yes, he may be the only owner in the NFL who has his own post-game presser. Please don't mind the laugh was the only place we could get this video from

Thanks mrdallassuxx/YouTube:

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