Friday, November 5, 2010

Mets clubhouse manager is in deep doo doo...

Charlie Samuels/Courtesy: DailyNews-Mets
The guy who took care of running the clubhouse for the New York Mets, is apparently the target of a citywide investigation into gambling.

Charlie Samuels has already been suspended by the team for what the DA says is allegations that he bet on baseball and multiple other sports. He allegedly also provided info for friends who wanted to bet on the Mets.

The New York Daily News has your summary RIGHT HERE

This isn't the first issue for a Mets employee. According to the Daily News, a groundskeeper was involved in a gambling ring back in 2005.

Samuels, for his part hasn't been arrested...yet. However, this doesn't sound very good. We are pretty certain that no matter what happens in his case, he'll never work for a Major League Baseball team ever again.

Strangely, the fact that as a clubhouse manager, Samuels had multiple homes and a pretty hefty reported income, never raised any flags until recently. He had been "Suspended" by the Mets back on October 27th. We don't think he'll be returning.

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