Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Cam Newton...will this ever stop?

Cam Newton/File
We posted thoughts on this after we saw the FoxSports report from overnight implicating Auburn QB Cam Newton as an academic cheat while he was at Florida.

We realize at this point, everything Cam Newton is becoming a lightning rod, everyone is talking about it and seemingly everyone has an opinion.

While the truth in the latest allegations remains to be seen...and actually may never be seen, we've come to a conclusion. They are largely irrelevant. Why? Because it happened in 2008 and at another school. And according to indications, there hasn't been such an issue at his current school.

Here is Cam Newton today at Auburn's weekly media day. Thanks auburnchannel.com:

Does that make it right. No. It doesn't. But we are just amazed at the timing. And like everyone else, very curious about it too.

On the heels of the FoxSports story, read what the New York Times has to say as well...RIGHT HERE

For their part, the folks at Auburn are beside themselves mad...and probably have a good right to be. They don't know how...or where all of this is coming from...or why it is being put out there 9 games into the 2010 season.

The other half of this, is there has been a pretty serious backlash at all of this reporting. There are now national level reporters calling each other names and making accusations about each other. You know, generally acting like 3-year olds. Sorry, this isn't that "Earthshaking" of a story.

Oh....and before we forget. According to several published stories, John Bond, the guy who alleges that Newton was being shopped around and according to the 4-letter (espn).com was called by Kenny Rogers who supposedly offered Newton to Mississippi State for $180,000. Well, it turns out, Bond never spoke to Mr. Rogers. He, on the radio Friday, told WCNN radio...and it was confirmed by his attorney, that "There were two people between him and Mr. Rogers. Hmmmm...

Read this EXCELLENT story from Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com RIGHT HERE

Do we think that there are agendas at play here? Absolutely. That includes the University of Florida's. If these most recent allegations are true, then somebody broke a law. And we are pretty sure it could be tracked down if someone was interested in doing such a thing. Strangely, there is dirt starting to accumulate on Urban Meyer on this too. We hope he isn't involved, but it doesn't smell very good.

Read Meyer's "Statement" to the Gainesville Sun RIGHT HERE

The end result here is this. Despite being the best football player in all the land this year. Newton will not win the Heisman Trophy. His name has now been tainted enough to kill that. No, he...nor any of the schools involved have been proven of doing anything wrong, but it doesn't matter. Even if these allegations are proven true (and the evidence...at least publicly is flimsy)....there doesn't seem to be an NCAA violation in any of it.

Here is Auburn Coach Gene Chizik talking about the latest round of allegations. Thanks Al.com:

Auburn's Gene Chizik defends Cam Newton

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