Sunday, November 7, 2010

OSG High: Idaho FB Senior Looks A Little Different

((HT: KIDK-TV Pocatello, Idaho))

The HQ has seen its share of girls playing high school and college football over time...

But, mainly, they've been kickers- Katie Hnida kicked at New Mexico and FOSG Tonya Butler spent some time at Riverdale High School ((GA)) and the University of West Alabama. Butler is the only female to score points in a high school event ((a state semi-final)) inside the Georgia Dome.

Even got her a stint on "To Tell The Truth..."

But in Idaho, there's someone who is in the trenches and not messing around as an offensive lineman...

And she's in the middle of things as her high school is heading to the playoffs.

Michelle Ludtka went to Snake River High...

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