Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel....Rock On!

So another week is in the books and we're getting closer and closer to finding out who's the best of the best in College Football. We would argue that this is a year with no standout teams. Several good ones, but no great ones.

Don't be surprised when the dust settles that the monopolistic BCS will have to allow a "Non-BCS" team to play for the title. You heard it hear first.

In today's clip, our hero's struggle to complete their mission....much like the teams in our poll. Thanks YouTube:

So, last week wasn't one of our best, but still pretty good: 10-5...which means 89-19 on the season (Not bad!)

With that out of the way, once again, as Casey says..."It's on with the countdown"...

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Oregon 8-0. What can you say? They've earned this. If they aren't the best team, they certainly are the best conditioned team. Nobody seems to be able to keep up. Don't expect that to change this week. This Week: Oregon 47, Washington 21.

2) Boise St. 7-0. We aren't quite ready to give up on them yet. This week will be their 1st test in a good while. They just need to keep taking care of business. This Week: Boise St. 37, Hawaii 21

3) Auburn 9-0. I like this team, but I'm still not convinced about the defense. Cam Newton is the real deal however...and as long as he's healthy, they win. Period. This Week: Auburn 43, Chattanooga 7

4) TCU 9-0. Judgement day. I'm not ready to push them over Boise....yet. If you haven't seen them play yet, you are going to be impressed. Really. This Week: TCU 31, Utah 27

5) Utah 8-0. Again, this week is as big as it gets for the Utes. While we think they are a Top 15, maybe 10 team, we aren't sure about Top 5. A win this week would convince us. This Week: See #4

6) Alabama 7-1. Here they are, inching their way up the charts. They haven't been dominant, but they've been pretty darn good. We should see if they are living on reputation this month. We think they are. This Week: (Last Weeks pick--we goofed) Alabama 18, LSU 16

7) Nebraska 7-1. We really like this team though we still can't figure out how they lost to Texas. That loss looks worse and worse by the week. Though they may get into the BCS, they won't make the title game because of it. This Week: Nebraska 27, Iowa St. 23

8) Wisconsin 7-1. I really hate this pick, but there isn't anyone else good enough to justify this slot. We really don't think they'll stick but this is the spot in the countdown where things get really muddy. This Week: Wisconsin 26, Purdue 12

9) Ohio St. 7-1. We really can't figure these guys out. They should be better than this. But they are the prototypical Big 10/12 team. All Big 10/12 teams lose games they shouldn't. It's what they do. This Week: Ohio St. 37, Penn St. 24

10) LSU 7-1. They don't necessarily belong here either. But they'll have to place hold until we can come up with a better team. Really, they aren't too bad on offense, they just don't have a QB. This Week: See #6

11) Stanford 7-1. A good Pac 10/12 team, but not good enough to be a serious BCS title contender. They are indicative of the struggle to find teams to put in the Dozen. This Week: Stanford 26, Arizona 21

12) Mississippi St. 7-2. This is a special mention because of the loss of Nick Bell earlier this week. And they aren't a bad team either. They get lost in the SEC shuffle sometimes, but just ask Florida if you want any part of them. We are looking forward to their game with Alabama after the bye week. This Week: Bye

The Bottom of the Barrel: 
 **Special note New Mexico St leaves us after beating San Jose St....go figure?

5) San Jose St. 1-8. If you lose to New Mexico State. You deserve to be here. No arguments. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a good football team. And they aren't getting better. This Week: Utah St. 24, San Jose St. 17

4) UNLV 1-7. Good thing the natives in Vegas have...Vegas to keep them busy during Football season, because this team isn't worth the price of admission. This Week: BYU 31, UNLV 6

3) Memphis 1-7. Somehow Lenny's Subs chose them as last week's "Team of the Week". We have no idea why. Unless Lenny is the Lenny of Lenny and Squiggy fame, Memphis could only qualify as the "Worst Team of the Week". We say go watch more Laverne and Shirley. This Week: hahaha...Tennessee 12, Memphis 6

2) Akron. 0-9. Maybe the Zip nickname describes how many wins they'll have. They sure haven't threatened anyone...other than FCS team that they still lost to. Thank the gods of football they don't play New Mexico. That game would have to be outlawed. This Week: Ball St. 24, Akron 3

1) New Mexico 0-8. We may retire the belt with these guys. I suppose they have to play out the rest of the season, even though we know full well what the outcome is going to be. Hope that Mike Locksley is spending his days off polishing the resume'. This Week: Wyoming 35, New Mexico 12

And so ends another week. It's hard to believe that we are already 9-weeks into the season. Take a looks, see what you think and let us know if you do agree...or you don't.

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