Friday, August 6, 2010

12 Year Old Girl Wants To Play Football With The Boys

Over in Indiana the boys usually want to become the next Steve Alford or Jimmy Chitwood after all, basketball is king in the Hooiser State. The girls want to be football players?

The OSG HQ came across this story of 12 year old Lindsey Overstreet of Greenwood, Indiana. Lindsey is a huge Peyton Manning fan and loves football too so she wants to play. Greenwood attends private school and wants to join her school's football team in the Catholic Youth Organization league.

The problem is the CYO says only boys are eligible to play football citing a 71 year old rule saying football is gender specific.

Lindsey's parents are putting up a fight.

Tisha Lewis of Fox 59 Indianapolis gets you up to speed. (Thanks WXIN-TV)

I have two daughters and I'm on the fence as to whether I would allow them to play football however, it they showed the passion and desire that Lindsey has displayed I would lean toward letting them play. Fight the good fight Greenwood family.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for your support

Anonymous said...

My daughter has played for four years now and loves it! She started out in 4th grade and now is in 7th... next year she is eligible to play for jv of the high school. I too was worried but she has had so much fun and plays very well. I was worried too that she would catch flack but our school has been supportive! I wish you the very best and you have our support!!!!!