Friday, August 6, 2010

Fat Albert Update: The Countdown Continues

Our Hero//File
Sorry we didn't have a chance to post our daily update on Thursday. My bad, having to get ready for the higher paying job got in the way.

Well, the Albert watch continues. In the lastest news, our hero apparently doesn't have any knee issues. Surprise.

The Redskins were concerned enough to get our hero an MRI on Thursday, that MRI, showed know damage. Could he have tendonitis? Sure. Could the knee just be stressed under the weight? Wouldn't be a shocker.

Today's update from our friends at the Washington Post is RIGHT HERE

Even the Jolly Roger agreed with the Redskins stance against Albert. Read more HERE

No, our hero won't be taking his test on Friday. In fact, according to the Post story...and several others, the Redskins are growing tired of this story.

However, we in the blogsphere will not grow tired of this. No. It is our moral duty. It is our responsibility to report on and mock this. It is an inalienable right to make fun of a 300 pound man who is being paid more money than any of us can comprehend not being able to do what his employer requires of him. The one and only person who can be blamed for this story/problem is our hero himself, of course, that's why we call him....FAT ALBERT.

So, keeping up our standards. Enjoy another adventure with our cartooned hero. Thanks YouTube:

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