Thursday, August 12, 2010

BREAKING: Chipper Jones tears ACL

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Reports are starting to come out of the Atlanta area that Braves lynchpin Chipper Jones is done for 2010 after hurting his knee in Tuesday's game against the Houston Astros.

According published reports, Chipper's agent is telling everyone that his ACL was "Torn and needed to be fixed".

Here is more from the AJC Braves Beat Writer David O'Brien RIGHT HERE

To say that this will have a big impact on the Braves the rest of the season would be a huge understatement. Though no longer the best hitter on the team, Chipper was one of the best and considered a threat by everyone the Braves played.

He had struggled early in the year, but had begun to straighten things out, hitting .307 in the past 44 games. Good enough to make the Braves dangerous the rest of the year.

There are two questions sitting out there now: One, what do the Braves do, they have nobody who can jump into Chipper's role. They have had injury trouble and the team has already been struggling to score runs.

The other; what happens for Chipper? A no-question hall of famer, he's already 38 and had been threatening retirement. Is this something he can come back from? Time will, we suppose, tell.

More on this story as the day develops.

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