Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plancher depositions released...O'Leary describes the fateful day

We've been following this story for some two years now. The story of Ereck Plancher, a then 19-year old freshman wide reciever on the UCF Football team who died in a workout on campus in March of 2008.

The story of what happened has at times been very contentious in the Orlando area and eventually ended up with Plancher's family suing the UCF Athletic Association and the UCF board of trustees saying that they were negligent in treating him.

The Orlando Sentinel has stayed on top of this story with some excellent investigative reporting from Illiana Limon.

Read Limon's story on the testimony in the Sentinel RIGHT HERE

Based on the information in this story, O'Leary and the folks at UCF might have a bit of a problem. It seems as though there may have been a communication issue in play for starters, but it still doesn't explain why Plancher was pressed during the workout despite indications there may be a problem.

The case has yet to be settled and there is no indication that is coming anytime soon. O'Leary has had some other issues to deal with this week and adding this one should make the daily post-practice sessions a lot of fun to be at.

Here's George speaking to the assembled media after the 1st day of Fall Practice. Thanks TSRUCF and YouTube:

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