Friday, August 13, 2010

Darren Myles gets a break...but will leave Knoxville

Darren Myles//Courtesy:
Darren Myles, one of several then University of Tennessee football players in trouble because of an "Incident" outside a Knoxville night club back in July, agreed to a plea bargain yesterday.

Essentially, that bargain, will keep him out of jail and he just has to stay out of trouble for the next two years for the incident to be wiped from his record.

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Myles is now a player without a team and since this season is about to kickoff, may lose a year. His attorney says that he'll try and find another school that will let him enroll and play football.

While we don't know enough of the details to call out Myles for his role in what happened, there is no denying it was a bad...and really stupid incident. Something that has been all too frequent in Knoxville over the past few years. The good news is that coach Derrick Dooley didn't hesitate to react to this. The bad that he had to.

More on Mr. Myles from WATE-TV in Knoxville:

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