Monday, August 2, 2010

DEVELOPING: Threats Made By Sherra Wright Taped By Lorenzen's Personal Assistant...?

((HT: WPTY-ABC24 Memphis/

Lorenzen Wright’s former personal assistant says she has audio recordings of Sherra Wright threatening to do something her ex-husband. She claims she played the recordings for Lorenzen, his parents and Memphis police before his murder.

“I have the evidence that she said these things… and she knows it,” Lorenzen’s former personal assistant Wendy Wilson admitted at the crime scene.

Wilson has long maintained that the investigation should center around Sherra, and she has long been vocal of this.

Joyce Peterson has the soundbites from Wilson detailing the tapes and her warnings.

And in the "this may have nothing to do with anything, but we'll throw it out there anyway" department, Lorenzen Wright has been linked to accused Memphis drug kingpin Craig Petties- reported by ABC24's Kevin Holmes.

Two years ago, Wright sold a Cadillac SUV and Mercedes Benz to a "Bobby Cole." Cole had been indicted on drug distribution charges in Atlanta and admitted to FBI agents that he was associated with a drug ring connected to Petties. The cars were ultimately seized by the government.

It does have a bit of a transitive property of association to it, doesn't it...???

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