Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Training Camp Fights are Fun...even in Arizona

Cardinals Fight//Courtesy: Jake Bacon/Arizona Daily Sun
During the dog days of summer, its usually very hot outside. It's very hot and that is when football teams pro, college and high school all begin training for their upcoming seasons.

As you can imagine when guys are overheated, there tempers can get that way too. There are usually some good training camp fights, though those usually are after the media...and cameras are done shooting for the day.

Not in Arizona. The Cardinals, however, don't have the heat as an excuse. They train in the elevated air in Flagstaff, an area much cooler than Phoenix. Plus they hold a lot of practices inside a cooled dome. So the heat probably isn't much of an excuse for the fight that broke out in yesterday's practice, though the fact the QB Matt Leinart ended up on the ground during a drill might have had a little to do with it.

Check out the story from azdailysun.com RIGHT HERE

The best part of this, there really is video of the fight, featuring Darnell Dockett and Levi Brown. We are quite impressed that it is here. Most NFL teams make you sign your life away when covering camp so that you never are allowed to use such videos on TV or...well anywhere else either. Hopefully it doesn't get pulled.

In the meantime, enjoy. Courtesy YouTube and BacktoFootball 2010:

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