Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fat Albert Watch: Day 4 or is it 5?

Fat Albert//Courtesy: opposingviews.com
The countdown continues. Your friend...and ours, Albert Haynesworth will go at least another day without practicing in Washington due to the fact that he hasn't passed a conditioning test.

The Washington Post reports that Albert's knee still hurts him and he needs another day of rest. That's why he didn't practice yet again today.

Jason Reid's Redskin Insider report from the Post is RIGHT HERE

Yes, we still find the whole situation here HIGHLY amusing. Granted Redskins fans probably don't, but so what? How many times will anyone have the chance to mock someone making so much money who couldn't put forth the effort or had enough interest to do what they've been paid oh...$100 million or so to do?

While we routinely cover and report on athletes doing dumb things, we haven't ranted much on how over-paid most of them are. The thought there being, if someone (Dan Snyder) is dumb enough to offer you the money, why not take it?

The problem comes when...to steal a quote...."With great power comes great responsibility", or in this case "With great money...apparently comes no responsibility". So therefore, we mock. Maybe Albert will get the message here. We are highly doubtful. But we will see. In the meantime, keep it up dude. It gives us something fresh to report on each morning.

Here's your Fat Albert theme song again...Thanks YouTube:

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