Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drew Brees on Madden 2011 Cover...City of New Orleans really nervous

Your Madden Cover//EA Sports

Is there any truth to the Madden curse? Is it like the Sports Illustrated curse only with injuries? Enquiring New Orleans Saints fans want to know.

Why do they want to know? Because the 2011 version of the all-knowing, immensely popular video game was released Tuesday morning....and Saints Quarterback Drew Brees is on the cover.

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Sure, there is much celebrating that goes along with this honor, but you might want to add consternation to that list. 

Why? Because traditionally, the cover boy doesn't have such a great year. Some have been injured and missed the season and some have just had bad season, but since 1999, almost nobody has done well.

We'll see if the curse lives with Brees. Of course the other issue that he may need to deal with is the Saints and the Super Bowl hangover. Most teams also don't do really well after that either. 

Either way monitor and prepare...and if you are playing Fantasy Football and draft Brees...get a backup.

For the gamers...here is a review of the Demo from IGN LIVE. Thanks IGN Entertainment/YouTube:

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