Tuesday, August 10, 2010

North Carolina may really have an NCAA problem

Coach John Blake/Courtesy: Robert Willett/news-observer
Well, usually if the NCAA decides to fully investigate a school, there is some sort of problem. Lo and behold, the reason North Carolina has been extensively scrutinized....is that there may really be a problem.

The investigators at Yahoo Sports have tracked a connection between Carolina's Defensive Line Coach John Blake and agent Gary Wichard.

The two apparently are good friends and have connections that go back a very long time.

Without spoiling the excellent journalism that Charles Robinson and Bryan Fischer did, we'd rather give you the link to the story.

You can read the investigation RIGHT HERE

At this point, no "Official" accusations or charges have been brought, the NCAA's investigation continues. However, this doesn't sound very good. We know, there may not be anything here, but it sure smells a bit funny.

In the meantime, the investigations continue on multiple campuses regarding agents being way too aggressive with players, contacting and offering them money way before they should.

We hope this will be the beginning of a new era where agents are not allowed to contact players until they declare for the draft. We hope that if they do the penalty will be severe...very severe. College athletics are already out of control, we can only hope that the NCAA and others will do more to at least try and control it.

Here are some highlights of Carolina's Spring Game back in April. Thanks InsideCarolinaDotCom and YouTube:

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