Monday, August 2, 2010

Fat Albert Conditioning Watch:Day 3

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The countdown for the highly anticipated 3rd attempt for Albert Haynesworth to pass his conditioning test at Washington Redskins training camp continues.

Again, this morning, Haynesworth did look like he'd make that 3rd attempt, but after a light jog, he decided his knee still hurt and didn't do the 300-yard timed shuttle runs.

More from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

We here at OSG Sports feel that we should provide our readers with daily updates to see if a rather large man who will be paid oh...$100 million or so for the next 4 or 5 years is capable of completing this task.

Of course this could have been avoided if Fat Albert had decided to participate in the offseason program with the rest of his teammates...but that would've been a lot less fun.

**PM UPDATE** Per the Post. According to Albert's coach, he did try the test today when his knee started to hurt. He also, may let him practice with the rest of his friends whether he passes the test or not, but he hasn't decided.

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Because its too easy...and we kind of enjoy posting this video and will continue posting it until he passes his test. Enjoy the Fat Albert Theme Song. Thanks YouTube:

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