Monday, August 2, 2010

Ozzie Guillen speaks his mind....again

Ozzie Guillen//Courtesy: Christian Peterson/Getty Images
Let's just put this simply: Ozzie Guillen is great for baseball, but he's even greater for Sportswriters. Why? Because he's not shy about speaking what's on his mind...ever.

Case in point. Sunday, before his White Sox played the Oakland A's, he went off topic and started talking about something that truly irks him. And quite honestly, if you read what he says...he has a point.

More on Ozzie being Ozzie from the Chicago Sun-Times RIGHT HERE

It's an interesting topic of discussion, though probably not one that Major League Baseball is going to like to hear about. We suspect that a fine of some sorts will be following this rant shortly.

But, he, like we said, raises a legitimate question. We've covered baseball for years, been in plenty of locker rooms and have had to deal with not doing some interviews with Latino players just because there was nobody to translate. Or the player was too self-conscious about not speaking English or speaking it well and would decline.

We will grant that this should probably be a team decision rather than a league decision. The teams pay the Japanese interpreters, why can't they dish for a Spanish one? That probably is where Ozzie's questions should go.

Here's some video of Ozzie being Ozzie from CSN Chicago:

If you want to know why Ozzie is one of kind, along with the rants he has fun, here is Ozzie, with the chairshot to TNA Wrestler Simon Diamond from back in 2006. How many managers would play along with this? Thanks TNA and YouTube:

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