Monday, August 2, 2010

Buy our book....PLEASE!

Our Book//Courtesy: Triumph Books
For those of you who don't know, your friends, the OnlineSportsGuys (OSG) for short, have written a book on Georgia Football. The title "100 Things Bulldogs Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die".

It's somewhat of a trivia and "Things You Might Not Know" kind of book and a lot of fun to read. If you are a Georgia Football fan or a fan of SEC Football in general you'll enjoy reading up on some little known facts and history on one of College Football's oldest teams.

If you have any interest, the book is now available at, just follow the link RIGHT HERE

Or head on over to our publisher, Triumph Books. Their website has it listed to buy RIGHT HERE

Brother Jon is listed on the cover as the primary author, Brother Wilkie and I (Brother Phil) are the co-authors. Brother J-Dub provided moral support (just kidding dude).

Anyway, we'd really appreciate it if you took a look at our work and pass it on to anyone you think might be interested in it.

We hope you continue reading our site too, thank you, we are ever so grateful for it. Our viewership has increased 25% over last year, we continue to grow and hope that trend will continue. us on Facebook...we like to be loved. In the meantime, we thank you...courtesy of Andrew Gold...and yes, this song was done way, way before the Golden Girls. Thanks YouTube:

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