Monday, August 2, 2010

Pitino Extortion Trial Day 6: More Testimony Against Sypher

((HT: Fox 41/Louisville))

Day six of the testimony in the Rick Pitino extortion trial centered around:

One of Karen Sypher's divorce attorneys who thought the head basketball coach at Louisville deserved what he was going to get from Sypher. Dana Kolter, was the lawyer who penned the letter to Pitino threatening a lawsuit, and he almost was drawn to tears as he testified.

One ex-husband of Sypher, Randy Wise, testified about how he heard his ex-wife describe what she planned to do to Pitino. Another man, Tyree Fields, also testified that he had an affair with Karen Sypher as her marriage to Tim Sypher was deteriorating. He testified that Sypher knew what she was doing with the extortion claim was "stupid."

Chris Turner has the afternoon patrol for our friends at Fox 41...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been following this, who holds the rights to the movie and book?

Looks like it will be X-rated!!

Anonymous said...

Lifetime Movie of the Week...?