Monday, August 9, 2010

Isiah Thomas and the Knicks...Made for each other?

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We didn't touch on this subject when the story broke a couple of days ago. When the New York Knicks...or more specifically their owner Jim Dolan announced that his buddy and former coach, Isiah Thomas was coming a "Special Consultant".

Needless to say, this really hasn't gone over particularly well....with pretty much anyone. Folks in New York are befuddled. The rest of the NBA is sort of laughing.

In our search for news this monday morning, we came across a featured section on the New York Daily News website...that...well, just grabbed our attention. The called it "New Reign of Error". A conglomeration of stories, basically slamming the premise of Isiah the College Coach and NBA Consultant.

Go to the Daily News Sports Homepage RIGHT HERE

Or more specifically, read the entire's pretty impressive....RIGHT HERE

We haven't decided who we feel more empathy for...GM Donnie Walsh or high-priced free agent signee Amare' Stoudamire, who we are guessing, saw the amount of money he was about to be paid and jumped...not realizing what he was getting into.

Either way, it should be fun times. The Knicks should be somewhat improved over last year, but still not very good. And that doesn't look like it will be changing any time soon.

The league is now looking into the Isiah arrangement. Nobody is really sure how you can be the coach of an NCAA team and work for a pro the same time. But hey, maybe Dolan and Thomas are smarter than everyone else. Stranger things have......nahh!

Here is some video of the 2010 a fight. Thanks YouTube:

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