Monday, August 9, 2010

UCF allows steamy photo shoot: O'Leary confused....

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Shanna McLaughlin/aXis magazine

Sorry, we have to stifle a laugh or two here. Apparently, UCF Head Football Coach George O'Leary gave permission for Axis magazine to do a photo shoot in the teams locker room recently and...well...let's just say the steaminess of the photoshoot is matched only by the heat that O'Leary is now facing.

You see, AXIS is a laddie magazine/website in the Orlando area. For those wanting to know what that is...think Maxim. The folks from Axis, asked permission to use the facilities/locker room for a photo shoot and apparently, Coach O'Leary agreed to it.

Hang on...we're giggling again.

So, anyway, if you want to read more about this, the Orlando Sentinel has the story RIGHT HERE

To say that the shoot was a bit steamy, would be like saying that Coach O'Leary is facing only mild heat. It did feature a UCF alum, Shanna Marie McLaughlin, who by the also Miss July Playboy.

O'Leary, to his credit, is taking full responsibility for this, however, there is some question as to whether he had the ability to authorize such an event. O'Leary says that he was told the shoot was for a UCF alum, who had an MBA from the school as well and that may actually be true. However, that won't help his case.

We suspect that the initial furor from this will die down...eventually. It's not the first PR misstep for O'Leary and it probably won't be the last. We really do believe that he didn't know the "Magazine" that was doing the shoot or Ms. McLaughlin. He's pretty much a 24-7 Football guy, it would be out of character if he was familiar with one, the other or both.

Normally, we steer clear of this type of stuff here on the OSG Sports website, but since the video is germane to the story, we feel obligated to post it. So, this would be video of the aforementioned photo shoot, because of our striving to show and tell...the full story.

Thanks aXis Magazine and YouTube, for the video:

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