Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karen Sypher Guilty On All Counts

((HT: WDRB-TV Louisville))

A jury has convicted Karen Sypher of attempting to extort millions of dollars from Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino after the two had sex in a restaurant in 2003.

The jury delivered the verdict after deliberating a little over five hours over a two day period.

Sypher was convicted of extortion, lying to authorities and retaliating against a witness. She faces a max of 26 years in prison, but under federal sentencing guidelines, the penalty shouldn't be that bad.

Here's Chris Turner outside in the shade again for his liveshot after the verdict was read...

The line of the tourney comes from Karen Sypher's son, Jacob Wise, as he was walking out of the courtroom. Wise, according to witnesses, clapped his hands sarcastically and shouted out, "Thanks for taking my mother away, guys!"

Sentencing is set for October 27th. She is free on bond until then...

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