Friday, November 12, 2010

Alabama High School Football Coach facing multiple Federal and State indictments

Dwight Bowling/Courtesy: Itawamba County Times
The head football coach of the Sulligent Blue Devils in Sulligent, Alabama is facing a slew of charges on both a state and federal level. The charges are about him taking minors across state lines...for sex.

55-Year old Dwight Bowling, lives just across the Mississippi border in Itawamba County, but was coaching in Alabama.

He was charged a month ago by a federal grand jury of 5 counts of having sex with a minor, he's pleaded not guilty to those charges. He's facing 5 more charges in his home county.

Read more on this story from, including the case history RIGHT HERE

Whoa...this is a seriously troubled man who apparently was quite a successful high school coach before he got caught. He was arrested back on September 17th and everything has rolled since then. If all of these charges are true, Bowling could be facing life in a federal and/or state prison. If true, he should.

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