Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your Cam Newton Saturday Update

And yes, there is an update. Unfortunately, we are starting to think that nobody is coming out of this story looking good. Including Cam himself.

WSB-TV in Atlanta reported last night....and re-reported today that a "Source close to Cecil Newton" says he is admitting that he asked Mississippi State for money. Let's make it clear, the reporter for the story, Mark Winnie, is an Auburn alum. We are very familiar with his work from our time in Atlanta and while sometimes prone to histrionics, he generally knows how to tell a fair story.

Winne's story is RIGHT HERE

Here is what you probably need to read into this if it is indeed correct and true. One, Mississippi State is in trouble. On several fronts. They don't appear to have been totally honest about things and then there is the nagging question of "Who exactly are these recruiters" that they speak of?

Two, Auburn, at least on the surface, for now, hasn't been implicated. Unfortunately, you can't be guilty by past history and though there's isn't very good, so far, there is no indication they got the same offer from the Newton's.

Three, like the schools, the Newton's are manipulating the media. By this most recent allegation getting put out there, it more than likely will protect Cam from the NCAA by the plea of "He didn't know what Daddy did". Because we are cynical, we don't totally buy this, but it will be very, very hard to prove otherwise.

Fourth and finally is Cam himself. While an absolutely wonderfully talented football player, we don't for a minute believe that he is the angelic figure that Auburn is portraying him to be. Yes, he is the best football player in America and may very well lead Auburn to a national title, but it smells bad. Really bad.

Next up for this story will be the finding out if the allegations against Cecil Newton are true. According to the NCAA the asking for money by someone either representing or claiming to represent a potential athlete is a violation of their rules. Supposedly the stipulation reads something along the lines of "If it is proven the athlete was not aware of this, he shouldn't be held responsible." If, when and who that might happen, remains to be seen.

Oh, by the way, Newton started today against Georgia, check back later for our weekend "The Week That Was (TWTW)" for a game re-cap.

For those interested, here is the WSB-TV version of Mr. Winnie's story:


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