Friday, November 5, 2010

BREAKING: Notre Dame "Failed To Keep" Sullivan Safe

((HT: WSBT-TV South Bend))

The Rev. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, sent out a letter to the Notre Dame family this afternoon. In it, he revealed that the school has reached out to former University of Arizona president Peter Likens to oversee the investigation the school is cionducting in the death of Fighting Irish videographer Declan Sullivan.

Jenkins did say this in the letter: "Declan Sullivan was entrusted to our care, and we failed to keep him safe. We at Notre Dame — and ultimately I, as President — are responsible."

The entire release can be seen here...

He also addressed Brian Kelly's status at the school:

Coach Kelly was hired not only because of his football expertise, but because we believed his character and values accord with the highest standards of Notre Dame. All we have seen since he came to Notre Dame, and everything we have learned in our investigation to date, have confirmed that belief. For those reasons I am confident that Coach Kelly has a bright future leading our football program.

More when we know more...

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