Friday, November 5, 2010

DEVELOPING: Auburn Not Contacted By Rogers--UPDATED: Interview with Cam Newton

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The biggest turn Friday in the Cam Newton-did-he-or-didn't-he case is that his current school is said to not had any contact with "agent"/middle man/broker Kenny Rogers as Cameron Newton was trying to decide where he was going after his championship year at Blinn ((TX)) Community College.

One of those "sources" close to the administration claims the school hasn't heard from Rogers at all.

That same person told the Associated Press that Auburn has not received an official letter of inquiry and that Newton's eligibility has not come into question at all.

Mark Schlabach discusses with David Lloyd...

The HQ would like to point out a few things we've noticed...

1) Why would the Newtons, presumably, take a $20,000 paycut and the portion of their take, to have the "hometown discount" from Starkville if Rogers got Newton to go there...???

2) Wouldn't you want your full percentage of the till if you were really greedy and were looking for a payday to direct your kid to go where he was being directed to go by his handler/middle man/"agent...???"

3) Hasn't all this stuff been known since December...??? Why come forward now...???

4) Dan Mullen, by all accounts, thought he had Newton dead to rights. When he was on the PFRN, he avoided the topic altogther saying, in effect, there's a lot more to it and that "it would all come out in the book."

Whatever in the blue hell that means...
Well, we may now know what that means...

5) In the first edition of the four-letter's highlight show, they waited at least 12 minutes to reference the story.

Shouldn't it have been the lead...??? Why wait on it...???

The biggest question is: "Who axe is grinding now...???"

John Bond, one of the focal points of the story was interviewed today on WCNN radio in Atlanta:

 Here is an interview conducted this afternoon with the fan site

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