Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dave Niehaus Passes At 75

((HT: KCTS-TV9 Seattle))

Signature voices are slowly losing ground and their place in the soundtrack of our lives. In the days of transitive announcers, bouncing from contract to contract and city to city looking for their big break and even bigger payday, there were those few who stayed.

And those who stayed became part of the fabric of our houses, under our pillows on transistors, and part of the family.

Dave Niehaus was part of the family for a lot of people in the Pacific Northwest for thirty years as the voice of the Seattle Mariners.

He passed away at his home after suffering a heart attack- according to team officials.

Here's the story as it broke, thanks to our friends at KING5...

And here's an episode of the KCTS-TV show "Conversations" with Niehaus as the subject

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