Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday PM Newton Update: Miss State Narc'd After All...


Here's Miss State's statement on the whole thing:

"Due to MSU dealing with ongoing and time-consuming eligibility issues involving non-football matters in the winter and spring of 2010, the specific SEC request went unfulfilled. Some additional information was provided to the SEC during July of 2010. Once the NCAA enforcement staff became involved, Mississippi State University cooperated fully with its investigation. MSU is confident the SEC office has managed this process consistent with its established procedures and the university is committed to the conference's ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with SEC and NCAA rules."

So, they waited six months after all... nice work...

Matt Kelly of The Sporting News pulled this quote from Mullen's interview with Sirius College Sports ((we're guessing the Arute-Leach Show))...

"I'm a big fan of Cam Newton," Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen told Sirius Sports Radio. "I was very close to him and his family."

Same with Oswald and Kennedy, right...???

Kelly also found this exchange...

When asked on Sirius Radio if he was saddened by the onslaught Newton has endured, Mullen said, "Oh, yeah, it's a tough thing to deal with."

An hour later, when asked about Newton on the SEC weekly teleconference, Mullen said, "We deal with players on our program that are on our team. Nothing else."

Think this goes to bed, now...???

And how do you think the Miss State and Florida games against Auburn game will go down on the Plains next season...???

Jus' axin'

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