Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NWLC Sues School Systems Over Title IX

((HT: MyFoxAtlanta))

The National Women's Law Center has filed complaints against 12 school districts around the country, including Henry County ((GA)) Schools, alleging they are violating Title IX law by failing to offer equal opportunities for female athletes.

The group says in Henry County Schools, specifically, there is a 12.5 percent gap ((one to eight ratio)) between the percentage of girls enrolled and the girls who are athletes.

According to the NWLC, that translates to 430 fewer opportunities for girls to play sports than boys in this particular instance. In an article by FOSG and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Michael Carvell, the NWLC claims those numbers grew worse between 2004 and 2006.

FOSG Ken Rodriguez caught up with a legendary Georgia high school wrestling coach, Cliff Ramos, and Georgia Tech women's hoops head coach Machelle Joseph to ask if they think Title IX is working...

The full list is: Chicago; Clark County, Nev.; Columbus, Ohio ((WBNS-TV's story is here)); Deer Valley, Ariz.; Henry County, Ga.; Houston; Irvine, Calif.; New York City; Oldham County, Ky.; Sioux Falls, S.D.; Wake County, N.C.; and Worcester, Mass.

The Houston report is here, thanks to our friends at MyFoxHouston/Fox26...

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