Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DEVELOPING: More allegations surfacing against Cam Newton

Cam Newton/Courtesy: businessinsider.com
Call us perplexed. We are really trying to figure out what is going on with...I won't say Auburn, but rather what is going on regarding their Quarterback, Cam Newton.

Just when things were starting to cool over last weeks revelation that someone purporting to represent Newton tried to sell his services to Mississippi State, comes this latest report that surfaced overnight via Fox Sports.

In the story, a source told FoxSports reporter Thayer Evans that Newton was accused of academic cheating, not once, but three times while at the University of Florida and was facing expulsion when he transferred out.

Read the story from FoxSports.com RIGHT HERE

We aren't sure what to make of these latest allegations. What it appears, at least on the surface, to be...is one of two things. Either Newton isn't this sympathetic, all-american figure that he is trying to play out to be...or someone is looking to ruin him.

If the allegations are true, then there will be a legion of college football, not just Auburn fans that will be tremendously disappointed. It would validate all the evil, corrupt things that are swirling around the game right now. It would be tough for Auburn to recover from. It would be nearly impossible for Newton to recover from.

If they aren't true. Then we've also got a problem. We are a bit leery, for the simple fact that we've got a lot of "Single Source" reporting going on here. With the Original "Pay-to-Play" story, it was based primarily on John Bond's word versus Kenny Rogers (no, not the gambler).

With this latest story, it may very well be true, but we have some questions and admittedly, are totally unfamiliar with Mr. Evans's previous work. One, the story quotes one unnamed source. Two, the facts are all attributed to that source, but there is no confirmation of those facts...at least that were printed by the reporter.

There is also a fairly strong grouping of Internet reporting that believes all of this is being orchestrated by Florida coach Urban Meyer. It's possible, but the question would be....Why?

Either way, it looks like we are going to get really familiar with way more details of Mr. Newton's collegiate life. Either way, we'd like to see a resolution, we just aren't sure which direction that resolution will head.

Here is young Mr. Newton making one of the most impressive runs, we've ever seen. Courtesy: rusty98um and YouTube:

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