Monday, November 8, 2010

Genius Murder suspect arrested at a Charlotte Bobcats game....

Earle Barranco/Courtesy: charlotteobserver-mecklenburg co. sheriff dept.
Dumb ass! Earle Barranco, wanted in connection with a murder in New York City, somehow managed to get himself an NBA basketball game.

Charlotte Police arrested Barranco Saturday as he was on the VIP level of Time Warner Cable arena. What he was doing in the luxury box section, wasn't exactly made clear.

Most fans at the game, didn't know the arrest even happened and obviously, it didn't interrupt the game.

Read more from the Charlotte Observer RIGHT HERE 

Aside from the obvious stupid question of..."Why the hell would a murder suspect go to a basketball game?", we have a few others. Like, "What was he doing in Charlotte?" and "Never mind why he was at an NBA game, what the blue hell was he doing in the VIP-Luxury suite section?".

Here is the TV version of this story from Newschannel 36 Charlotte/

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