Monday, November 8, 2010

Jerry Jones making threats...finally realizes his team sucks...

We've been laughing all morning about the quote from Jones "I think there are a lot of people here that certainly are going to suffer and suffer the consequences". Why, because he sounds like the Emperor from Star Wars for one.

Yeah, the Cowboys looked pretty darn pathetic last night against the Packers and yeah, there needs to be changes made, but the question we have is..."Couldn't you have phrased it a little better?"

Needless to say, the scribes in Dallas are in a feeding frenzy right now.

Here is the Dallas Morning News with excerpts from the Jerry interview RIGHT HERE

Yeah, we know. We all get it. Wade Phillips is going to fired. It's just a matter of when. Wade is a really good person, everyone likes him. They should. But Wade has been patently unsuccessful everywhere that he's been as a head coach. Really. Look it up.

Not really being Cowboy fans, we find some humor in their current struggles. We find it funny as hell that Jerry spent a Gazillion dollars building Jerry World and now has a crappy team playing in it. We also are going to say "Told you so" all the various football writers who pre-ordained them the best team in the NFL before they played a game this year.

Here is an OSG Fave, Dale Hansen opining on Wade's future. Thanks WFAA:

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