Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jackson State Head Coach Suspended For One Game

Because of four f-bombs in 14 seconds as part of a postgame interview in a rough 32-30 loss from Arkansas Pine-Bluff that Rick Comegy and Jackson State got last Saturday.

Comegy, also fined $1,000 by the league, is the first SWAC coach to receive a suspension since 2007, when Prairie View A&M's Henry Frazier was suspended also for questioning officials.

He is not appealing the decision...

"I thought they (expletive) cheated that game," Comegy said walking off the field. "They took that (expletive) game away from these (expletive) kids. That's what the (expletive) I've got to say."

The reporter then tries to ask a follow-up...

"I'm done. I'm done with it," Comegy said.

In a statement, the SWAC said Comegy violated conference policy banning "inappropriate/derogatory comments to the media about officials."

Comegy's rant has even been turned into a dance mix tune...
((HT: Tracks By Reno))

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