Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now we know why Texas shunned the Pac 10/12

Texas logo/courtesy: sportsnewser
Money explains everything, doesn't it. Why else would have Texas decided to shun overtures from the Pac 10--soon to be 12 and stayed with the remnants of the Big 12--soon to be 10.

The explanation. A not small increase in rights fees, no, a humongous increase in rights fees...on top of their share of conference money. Apparently, our friends at the 4-Letter word (espn) are going to be paying them another...$12 million a year to market and run the soon to be called--Longhorn Network.

Read Chip Brown's detailed account of what will happen from RIGHT HERE

While we can't criticize Texas for living the Steve Miller band song "Take the money and run", we are stunned at the amounts of money being thrown around here. Sure, we get that Texas is a major player on the college football scene, but we are pretty sure they aren't the biggest. In fact, we'd argue they aren't in the Top 3.

However, they are getting paid a lot of money. Between conference and 4-letter money...they'll bring in somewhere near $32 million a year. On one hand, good for them for getting as much as they can from the people willing to pay them. However, if they got that much money, can you imagine what the SEC power teams are going to start demanding?

Since we referenced it earlier and there aren't any TV versions of this story, we'll settle for the music video. Enjoy your Steve Miller fits. Thanks YouTube:

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