Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something doesn't smell right with Cam Newton allegations....

Cam Newton/Courtesy: TheBirminghamNews
The more this story plays out, the more it just doesn't sound or feel right. The allegation...that Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton had someone shopping him around to SEC schools; the puzzle pieces don't fit.

We don't discount reports that alleged player recruiter Kenny Rogers (no, not the gambler) made a call to his old friend at Mississippi State, John Bond and that Newton came up. However, Rogers vehemently denies it.

As for Auburn, OSG Sources with knowledge of their internal investigation tell us "Auburn is not involved in any of this". "We have know reason to believe that there is any problem with Cam and his eligibility"

For some background on the the high standing the Newton family is held, read this story from RIGHT HERE

The other strange twist here, Urban Meyer's name is being brought up as the "Source" for the original story. Allegedly, it came from a rumored conversation between Bond, Miss. St. Head Coach and Meyer disciple Dan Mullen and Meyer. Supposedly, Bond and Mullen made Meyer aware of the Rogers offer and told him they reported it to the SEC. Meyer...allegedly was furious and supposedly said he'd make sure the illegal recruiting got out in the media.

We don't buy that. We can't however rule it out. Why would Meyer do that? The only reason that makes any sense is if Florida got somehow to the SEC Championship game and faced Auburn that he wouldn't want to face Newton, but that doesn't make sense either...does it?

Here is some more background from RIGHT HERE

No, here is what we think happened. Rogers...for whatever reason made the call. We have no reason to believe that Bond is making that up. Rogers, we believe is a part of the sorted underbelly of college recruiting that we've discussed so frequently. He'll get his.

We think the victim in all of this is Newton. Could we be wrong? Sure. Would it be possible that he shopped himself to schools? Yeah. Do we think it happened this time? No. In fact. As of right now, no rules, at all...have been broken. There is no indication....anywhere that Mississippi State did anything wrong. There is no indication....anywhere....that Auburn did anything wrong. And there is no indication...anywhere that Cam Newton...or anyone in his family did anything wrong. 

Here is some sound with Newton after Auburn's homecoming game against Chattanooga.....Again...much thanks to Birmingham News:

Cam Newton on fan support, Auburn's win

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