Thursday, November 11, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The no Cam Newton rumor version

Well, it's been a pretty interesting week in college football now, hasn't it? Rumors and dirt are flying all over the SEC. People are wondering if college players are getting paid. Dogs and cats are living together....Mass hysteria!

And on the other hand we are starting to believe that the two best teams in an otherwise mediocre season may very well be the two outsiders: Boise State and TCU. Before you SEC maniacs jump in here, sorry, your best teams have flaws...big ones. Neither of these teams do.

So, with that in mind watch as one of our heroes...Maggot goes...a bit off the deep end, though we suspect it's not because of all the Cam Newton Stories.

And with all of that in mind, last week, a robust 11-2 (didn't have the guts to pick LSU) and that makes us 100-21 on the season. Take that VEGAS!

So without further ado. It's on with the Countdown!

The Dirty Dozen:

1) TCU 10-0. Okay, yeah. I said it. I'll be the one going out on a limb here. This is your best team in College Football. Prove me wrong. Come on! I dare ya! This Week: TCU 41, San Diego St. 17

2) Auburn 10-0. We are continually amazed at the stories coming out about Cam Newton. He may or may not be guilty of anything, but he and/or his family ain't smelling too good here either. The Auburn fans won't admit it though. (Sorry Patty). When Auburn and Georgia meet, the away team usually wins. Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb here. This Week: Georgia 43, Auburn 41

3) Oregon 9-0. Sorry, I'm not convinced the fighting Nike's are the nations best team. They'll finish the regular season undefeated, but with 3 weeks to prepare, a team with a good defense and ball control will beat them. Trust me. This Week: Oregon 47, Cal 21

4) Boise St. 8-0. They need to be patient. They are one of the two best. But they won't play in the BCS Championship game. The BCS won't allow it. A one-loss team will be put ahead of them. Mark my words.  Don't know which one, but it will happen. This Week: Boise St. 45, Idaho 13

5) Stanford 8-1. They are a pretty good team that unfortunately is lost in the shuffle because Oregon beat them. Solid all the way around. They are a very good West Coast team, how that translates nationally, remains to be seen. This Week: Stanford 34, Arizona St. 21

6) LSU 8-1. We are going to put the Mad Hatter's team here, but we don't believe they are this good. I mean have you seen their offense. Horrible. They got lucky...and a bit smart against Alabama but a Top 5 team, that doesn't always make. This Week: LSU 31, La. Monroe 3

7) Nebraska 8-1. Folks, this is your best Big 12/10 team. Deal with it. They ain't great, but they are good enough. They do what is necessary to win. This Week: Nebraska 41, Kansas 17

8) Wisconsin 8-1. It's killing us to put a Big 10/12 team here. They so often disappoint. We aren't even sure this is the conference's best team. Thankfully, we can change our mind next week. This Week: Wisconsin 31, Indiana 21

9) Michigan St. 9-1. See above. We aren't comfortable with this, but the BCS says they should be here and we all now the BCS is perfect. Right? This Week: BYE WEEK

10) Alabama 7-2. Sure, they were exposed a bit last week. But there aren't a lot of teams that can take advantage of that. We think...and hear that there may be some underlying, not publicized issues with this team that may be coming out pretty soon. This Week: Alabama 17, Miss. St. 16

11) Oklahoma St. 8-1. We aren't deluding ourselves into thinking this team could move up in our poll. They won't. But there is nobody else worthy of being put here. Somebody has to be a "Man" about it. So why not them. This Week: Oklahoma St. 38, Texas 37

12) UCF 7-2. Why not? We don't think anyone else in the BCS, AP or USA today polls are worthy of being included here so why not include Florida's best college football team this season. Plus they are a perennial source of OSG material. Surely that makes them eligible. This Week: UCF 28, S. Miss. 23

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

Wow! New Mexico won last week. Somehow, someway, they managed to beat Wyoming. Mike Locksley now has 2 career wins. We're pretty sure that won't salvage his job though. And since it was Wyoming, we don't think it will get the Lobos out of the Barrel either.

5) Texas 4-5. Bet'cha never thought these guys would be here voters, would you? They were a Top 5 preseason team, which validates our statement that preseason polls are stupid and worthless. Sadly, the tailspin for the 'Horns continues. This Week: See #11 of the Dozen

4) New Mexico 1-8. Congrats to the Lobos for making it out of the basement. Win one more and you'll get out of the house. But....that won't happen this week. Really, you do still suck and your coach deserves to be fired...last year. This Week: Air Force 41, New Mexico 12

3) San Jose St. 1-8. What can we say. They are awful. They play awful teams...and still lose. There just isn't anything redeeming here. This Week: Utah St. 31, San Jose St. 14

2) Memphis 1-8. If it weren't for Akron, this would be the worst team in College Football. God they are awful. They made Tennessee look like the best team in the SEC and that ain't easy to do. The whole coaching staff should be fired. Now. This Week: Marshall 48, Memphis 12

1) Akron 0-10. Can they just be put out of our misery? Last week was the closest they've come to a win, they lost in OT to a crappy Ball St. team. Just go slide down a Zipline and go away, please. This Week:They won't lose to the BYE...but won't win either.

And so goes another week. We stuck our neck out on a couple of games here, do you agree? Or do you think I'm crazy? Let us know....

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