Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smith apologizes to everyone, apparently legal issues aren't issues in Knoxville...

Jacques Smith in Orange/File
We still say that someone is missing the point with this story. We reported yesterday about 18-year old Tennessee defensive end Jacques Smith getting in trouble with the law for beating up someone at a Knoxville area club early Sunday morning.

According to a follow up story published today, Smith apologized to "teammates; victim says 'I just want to move on from it'.

His coach, Derek Dooley says the assault charge will have no bearing on Smith's status for Saturday's game. Smith's arraignment hearing is November the 10th.

More from the Knoxville News-Sentinel RIGHT HERE

Okay, we get that he's sorry he beat the guy up. Although the victim is not sure yet whether he accepts the apology.

We however have questions. One that NOBODY has asked. Was Smith drinking? Why...and more importantly how...as an 18-YEAR OLD was he able to be in the bar at 2am? Was he drunk at the time of the incident? Why...and how did the Knoxville police department manage to butcher the original press release on the incident, listing the wrong location and the wrong name of the victim? Why has none of the Knoxville media asked ANY of these questions?

The coach says that he doesn't need to enforce a curfew...ok...what about the underage drinking? Yeah, we get that college kids and teenagers do it, but that doesn't make it legal.

The message that we get is that if you are a good football player in Knoxville, you can pretty much do whatever you want. But that fact, isn't a surprise.

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