Monday, November 1, 2010

Vols DE Jaques Smith arrested now has more arrests than SEC wins

Jacques Smith #55/Courtesy:
Whooops! We guess that when University of Tennessee fans think things couldn't get much worse....they do.

Freshman Defensive End Jaques Smith was charged early Sunday morning with simple assault after an incident at a place called the RT Warehouse.

Smith it seems got into a bit of a tussle with another patron over a girl around 2am. He hit the victim in the head, then kicked and punched him. The one good thing, apparently, Smith's teammates pulled him off of the guy.

Read more from the incredibly biased Knoxville News-Sentinel RIGHT HERE

Here's why we call the News-Sentinel biased. Read the story. While talking early in the story about the incident, they leave out...a lot of details. One...what was the freshman (not 21) Smith doing in the bar? Two, was he drinking? Three, what were he and his teammates doing at said bar at 2am? Third paragraph "And though the matter isn't believed to be all that serious"...really? We are betting its serious to the 21-year old who got beat up....

Not to say that kids have to be perfect, but...there are more than a couple of questions here. According to the "Paper's Story"'s just a little thing and meaningless in the grand scheme of things for the "Improving" Vols football team.

Oh, why is coach Derek Dooley saying this isn' a "Cultural Issue"? Of course it isn't. It's a college kid fighting over a girl in a bar he shouldn't have been at in the first place. That's all...nothing more, nothing less!

This kind of pisses us off. The whole trend of college town newspapers having sections named for the team, reeks of bias. Sure, we get the whole "More coverage" aspect of it. But if this story is indicative of the reporting, it doesn't smell very good.

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