Monday, November 1, 2010

Ashton Kutcher may cause Iowa an NCAA violation....(Updated 6:25pm)

Kutcher and Moore//Courtesy: andrea melendez-desmoines
Aw geez. There are more jokes here than we have time to write about. How often can we use the name Ashton Kutcher and be talking about sports anyway?

It appears the University of Iowa allowed two high school basketball recruits to meet Kutcher and wife/cougar Demi Moore last month during a home football game. The meeting also included a couple of former basketball players who had graduated several years ago.

Yes, we know the violations are minor, but it really is kind of funny. However the NCAA doesn't have much of a sense of humor about it. And if you read further, though Iowa claims the meetings were inadvertent, the local newspaper has some proof that it wasn't necessarily the case. Oh, and check out the documentation in the paper's story too.

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((Update 6:25pm on 11/1--According to the University, the NCAA accepted their apology. We still think the whole thing is stupid. Here's the Register's story RIGHT HERE

If this is true, its beyond stupid. We don't believe they were inadvertent, either. No, this isn't a "Major" violation, but the NCAA needs to step up and say something here.

However, we also realize that USC has been indirectly utilizing guys like...oh Will Ferrell for years. No, there may not be "Arranged" meetings, but there, we are guessing implications, that if a recruit comes here, you may get to meet these..."Famous Alums".

Enjoy the trailer from Kutcher's movie, Killers, one that...well...didn't exactly "Kill" at the box office. Thanks hollywoodstreams/YouTube:

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