Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Ten is really pursuing Texas

Despite Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney's denials, there now is some proof that the Big Ten has made overtures to the University of Texas.

There apparently is quite the e-mail trail between Ohio State President Gordon Gee and UT President Bill Powers. The discussions have apparently been mostly towards figuring out details as to how Texas could bail out on the Big 12.

More from the Associated Press and the Cincinnati Enquirer RIGHT HERE

Gee has strongly emphasized that "Time is of the essence" and he is probably right. As word is now trickling out about the PAC 10 attempting to recruit Texas and roughly "Half" of the Big 12, the race is on to see who get whom.

We don't of course want any of this to happen and we hope that as the summer drags on that it won't. But we also know that College Sports...Football in particular are all about money and ultimately that is why we think one of these two scenarios will happen.

Enjoy some BEVO, the Longhorn mascot, because he's either going to be coming to the West Coast or to the You Tube:

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