Friday, June 4, 2010

Decision Day Coming For Kyle Parker

With the Major League Baseball draft coming June 7th, OSG Sports had a chance to talk to some of the potential first rounders of the upcoming draft.

We begin this series with Clemson's Kyle Parker who may have a big decision to make. As a red shirt freshman quarterback on the Clemson football team, Parker broke Tiger freshman passing records. His 2,526 yards passing last season is the 5th best by an ACC freshman and Parker connected on 20 touchdowns passing.

Parker is expected to lead what could be a potent Clemson offense however, head coach Dabo Swinney is very concerned he might lose his starting quarterback. Swinney told me back in April that he would do whatever he could to convince Kyle Parker that he has a future in football to.

“He was recruited here to play quarterback, baseball was something he was going to do on the side.” Swinney said. “He’s a tremendous quarterback. He got the ability to rally guys to be better.”

Life changing money my be offered to Kyle Parker depending where he is drafted. One baseball expert at the ACC Baseball Tournament last week told me Parker is a sandwich pick and if scouts believe in his power potential in the majors Parker will be drafted high.

Kyle Parker is a corner outfielder with an above average arm that can clear the wall with one stroke. Should Kyle Parker hit a home run in the NCAA Baseball Regionals this weekend, he will be college athletics' first 20/20 athlete, 20 home runs - 20 touchdown passes.

Baseball America projects Parker to be selected by the New York Yankees as the final pick of the first round. If that comes to fruition and the Yankees are willing to open the checkbook Dabo Swinney may have go to plan B.

Here's our interview with Kyle Parker:

OSG Sports: I want to start back that day in April where you played a baseball game at Duke, then flew back to Clemson and played in the spring football game then travelled back to Durham for the final game of the series against Duke. Tell me about that whole weekend?

Kyle Parker: It was kind of crazy but the biggest thing was they needed me in a couple of different places. It was up to North Carolina, back at Clemson and then back up to North Carolina.

OSG Sports: Was it hard to juggle a weekend like that?

K.P.: It was pretty tough. The biggest thing is that I done it before so I know what to expect but it doesn’t make it any easier.

OSG Sports: What your biggest thrill, the throw a touchdown pass or hit a home run.

K.P.: It’s tough to say. I mean they are both awesome. I don’t know how to answer they are both an incredible feeling. I’ll have to say it’s a tie.

OSG Sports: The draft is upcoming up, what role to you see yourself in the majors?

K.P.: Probably corner outfield spot. If I do end up going that route I can kind of clear out and see what position would be best for me. Right now I’m unsure but we will see when the time comes.

OSG Sports: Kyle you are in an envious position, great freshman year as Clemson’s quarterback and you might go in the first round of the MLB draft. So you may have a tough decision to make. Have you thought about that?

K.P.: It’s really tough to say I could go in a lot of different directions. As of right now I don’t know what I’m going to do.

OSG Sports: Coach (Dabo) Swinney wants you to stay and play football. Do you get the feeling?

K.P.: They want me there. We have had success there and they give me a lot of opportunity. Of course they want me to stick around but at the same time they want me to do what’s best for me in the future. Whatever that is they will support me.

Photo Courtesy: The Greenville News

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