Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountain West leaves Boise State hanging....

Well, we know one conference that isn't expanding at this moment. That would be the Mountain West who, many had speculated would try to woo Boise State away from the WAC.

The Mountain West Commissioner, Craig Thompson, announced today that "The board did not make a decision to expand at the present time".

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We aren't sure what this means to well...pretty much anyone. The only thing we can figure is they want to sit things out and see what the "BCS Boys" do and then cherry pick the remains.

Really, it doesn't hurt Boise State either way. Their national profile has never been stronger. They can afford to wait things out and see if anyone want to take the proverbial "Cinderella to the Ball".

Here's MWC Commish Craig Thompson talking about their decision...
((HT: KTVB-TV Boise))

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