Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NASCAR Drivers Do It Faster...???

Get arrested back-to-back that is... and the HQ is fairly certain that Mike Helton will not put that slogan on a T-shirt for sale at events...

A former NASCAR/Winston West Series driver has been accused of rape only a few hours after wrapping up a two-week stay in jail after a high-speed chase back on May 17 put him in there the first time.

The Orange County ((CA)) Sheriff's Department says James Edward ((Jimmy)) Neal ((Pictured, thanks Orange County Sheriff's Department)) was put back in jail Monday for "investigation of attempted rape and false imprisonment."

Neal allegedly went to the home of a woman he met just once- a few weeks before Monday night- and was arrested around 6AM after deputies responded to a report of a man and woman fighting.

Bail was set this time at $1 million.

The perpetually-attractive Sharon Tay tosses to Edward Lawrence who has an interview with the alleged victim in this case...

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