Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sadistic Sadie now Fraudulent Sadie...

You might be asking based on the title what it is that we are talking about. Well, you should. Apparently the president of the Cincinnati Rollergirls Roller Derby team is now guilty of committing wire fraud.

Mercedes Stafford, team president and also a skater who goes by the name "Sadistic Sadie" was once an employee of United Airlines, based at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. She apparently illegally obtained 525 airline tickets for friends, family and teammates.

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((Mercedes "Sadistic Sadie" Stafford//Courtesy: wlwt.com))

This all took place between May of 2007 and October of 2009. It apparently cost United Airlines between $400,ooo and $1 million according to the court documents.

Stafford/Sadie could be punished for up to 20 years, fined upwards of $25o,000 and up to 3 years of supervised release.

Not good for the young lady. Unfortunately, it makes one wonder how well "Sadistic Sadie" will translate in the prison yard? Just sayin'.

Check out some Roller Derby'in that we found on You Tube:


Anonymous said...

You sound like a biased moron...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

How does quoting a plea agreement filed in federal district court make someone sound 'biased'?

Anonymous said...

I think she prefers the name "CellBlock Sadie" now.