Thursday, June 10, 2010

Texas and Texas A&M A Package Deal For Big 10, Oklahoma Looking At SEC?

[HT: KCTV Kansas City]

When the dominoes fall, they go down quickly. According to KCTV in Kansas City, Mo., who is citing high level sources in multiple conferences, Texas and Texas A&M are moving toward the Big 10 Conference and have petitioned for membership.

Chris Sadeghi, from our friends at KXAN-TV in Austin, got to do a fan piece on the whole chaos swirling in what's left of the 12 right now...

Wait there's more, the University of Oklahoma is planning on petitioning the SEC for membership.

Click here for the report:

For Oklahoma to join the SEC it must find a dance partner.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione confirmed to the Tulsa World that the SEC has shown interest in the Sooners however, OU would prefer to stay with Texas.

"I think it would be a horrendous decision for OU and Texas to break up," Castiglione told the Tulsa World. "We're going to stick together if it's at all possible."

Is this getting good or what.

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